Safest Electric Cars of 2023

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If you are looking for an EV and safety is your primary concern, you should look through this article because it may have a lot of potentials to mitigate your concern. Here, you will go through the list of some safest electric cars vehicles.

How Safety of Electric Cars Tested By Different Rating Agencies?

Before directly going through the safest EVs list we provide you in this article, you should first know how these cars are tested for safety purposes and by which agencies. 

While many manufacturers promote the safety features of their vehicles in commercials, you should always check with a third-party organization to be sure that these claims are true or not. 

 NHTSA and IIHS in the United States test a lot of EVs; they undergo testing by Euro NCAP. These agencies test cars in various ways, such as crashworthiness tests, which determine how well the drivers and passengers are protected by the vehicle, and crash avoidance tests, which may evaluate the safety features. 

Are Electric Vehicles Safe?

Before moving to the EVs, which are found safest, first, resolve the argument that they are safe or not. Electric cars are entirely risk-free. You can likely still crash and get injured like any other car. Regarding risklessness, you will not find any discernable difference between an EV and a conventional vehicle. 

Some Top Safest Electric cars of 2023

We describe the safety ratings provided by some agencies, including NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program). These have done crash testing of electric vehicles, which got more safety ratings. 

Let’s explore some of these:

1-Audi E-Tron

Grey audi-e-tron-sportback
Image credit: Google

It is the safest electric car on the market today. 

Safety Features of this Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Self-drive emergency braking.
  •  Alert for lane departure.
  •  Limitation of speed.
  •  Preparing seatbelts for strain.
  •  Airbags in the front, sides, and overhead.
  •  Stabilizers with electronic aids.
  •  On-demand cruise control.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

The ratings received by Euro NCAP of this vehicle are given below:

  • Adult Protection:  90% 
  • Child Protection:  85% 
  • Road User Protection: 71%
  • Safety Assistance:   76%

2-Tesla Model X

2021-tesla-model-x Plaid
Image credit: Google

It has many safety systems that balance and keeps things from ever seeming out of control. 

Safety Features of This Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Partially autonomous navigation.
  •  Speed assistance.
  •  In addition to side head, chest, and pelvic airbags for every passenger, the driver and passenger have front airbags. 
  •  In a frontal collision, an active bonnet will lessen the impact damage to pedestrians or cyclists.
  •  Automatic emergency braking is also provided for bicycles, pedestrians, Or certain driving styles on the city or highway roads.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

  • Adult Protection: 98%
  • Child Protection: 81%
  • Road User Protection: 72%
  • Safety Assistance:   94%

3-Tesla Model 3

Silver Tesla-model-3
Image credit: Google

Tesla Model 3 is a very safe EV. It has passed all of the crash tests. It received a 5-star rating in the Overall Front Star Rating, which combines the driver and passenger ratings into a single score.

Safety Features of this Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Speed assistance.
  •  Auto-steer & Auto-park.
  •  Especially helpful on hills. Keeps the brake pedal down even after taking your foot off it.
  •  Head airbags and a load limiter and belt protection are also present for every passenger.
  •  Vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles all have automatic emergency braking.
  •  Pedestrian warning system: It produces less than 20 mph sound to warn incoming pedestrians.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP :

  • Adult Protection: 96%
  • Child Protection:  86%
  • Road User Protection:  74%
  • Safety Assistance:  94%

4-Nissan Leaf

Image credit: Google

It comes with a lot of conventional safety equipment

Safety Features of This Vehicle are listed below:

  •  The active cruise control maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  •  Lane-keep assistance.
  •  Steering assistance to keep the vehicle in the center of the road on straightaways and turns.
  •  High-beam assistance.
  •  Keeping track of tire pressure.
  •  Hill-start assistance.
  •  To improve handling, the chassis is controlled.
  •  Automatic lights that warn of hazards. 
  •  Cross-traffic warning at the rear.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

  • Adult Protection:  93%
  • Child Protection: 86%
  • Road User Protection: 71%
  • Safety Assistance:  71%

5-Porsche Taycan

Image credit: Google

It has always been inventive in the area of vehicle engineering when it comes to safety.

Safety Features of This Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Lane-keeping assistance.
  •  Understanding of traffic signs.
  •  Emergency braking that is autonomous.
  •  Eight airbags are included.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

  • Adult Protection: 85%
  • Child Protection:  83%
  • Road User Protection:  70%
  • Safety Assistance:  73%

6-Kia E-Niro 

Grey kia-e-niro-2019
Image credit: Google

It has excellent standard safety features that will make any driver feel secure.

Safety Features of This Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Lane-keeping aid.
  •  Highest level of safety.
  •  Blinds-spot observation.
  •  Autonomous cruise control.
  •  Seven standard airbags are present.
  •  Emergency braking is autonomous and includes pedestrian detection.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

Euro NCAP has not yet evaluated this vehicle’s safety ratings, although it has received an overall 5-star rating.

7-Hyundai Kona Electric

Image credit: Google

It boasts some excellent safety features.

Safety Features of This Vehicle are listed below:

  •  Control over stability and traction 
  •  Helping you avoid collisions in the future.
  •  Driver attention alert.
  •  Alert for a rear-cross traffic accident.
  •  Six airbags are present.
  •  Warning of a blind spot accident.

Safety Ratings By Euro NCAP:

  • Adult Protection:  87%
  • Child Protection:  85%
  • Road User Protection:  70%
  • Safety Assistance:  60% 

Some Electric Vehicles Safety Ratings By NHTSA

The safety ratings received by NHTSA for some electric cars are listed below in the table:

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EVs have some variations in terms of safety and driver-assistance equipment. Most EVs score highly in crash testing for safety.  

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