Tesla Model 3 trunk: How big is the Model 3 trunk !!

cargo comparison of Tesla model Y and3

While not the best in its class, the Model 3’s load capacity is respectable for a premium electric vehicle.

The Model 3 is a four-door, small sedan that can accommodate five persons and is equipped as standard with specific luxury-car-only capabilities, such as automated driving. As far as the cargo is concerned, it has two trunks, one in the front and one in the back.

The Tesla Model 3, well known for its excellent and unique features, is one of the more recent models in the Tesla lineup. It is, however, considered less vacation-friendly due to its comparatively small trunk space. Hence the question of how large or small the Tesla Model 3’s trunk is often raised.

The 60/40 split-folding rear seats are simple to fold, significantly extending the Tesla Model 3 trunk space. The seatbacks of the Model 3 fold flat, giving an unbroken cargo floor for moving heavier things inside the EV.

The Model 3 has adequate space for 15 carry-on luggage when the rear seats are folded flat. Around the cabin, there are also plenty of bins and cubbies.

Tesla Model 3 Trunk

By visiting the official Tesla website and going to the bottom, one may quickly find that the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is available in three separate versions: Performance, RWD, and Long-Range AWD.

Although this little executive automobile has several variations, they all have an equal trunk size.

Tesla Model 3 Trunk

The Model 3’s cargo space is decent for a high-end electric car, while it may not be the greatest in the class of Tesla Models. The back cargo compartment is 19.8 cubic feet, while the front trunk —the frunk —has a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet. An electric motor-powered liftgate is also standard on the rear trunk.

“The back trunk is shaped like a long, shallow box. Due to its spacious entryway, drivers may easily store their hand carry, golf clubs and bags, and additional belongings.

The floor of the trunk has a well that can carry a few shopping bags. Long items may be transported easily due to the back seat’s foldable unique design.”

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Trunk?

Every Tesla vehicle is designed with a trunk that can fit some shopping bags or some baggage. EVs like The BMW i3, Audi e-tron, and Jaguar I-PACE share the same features despite having less storage space than Tesla models.

How To Open The Trunk Of The Model 3

Tesla has been routinely changing its cars’ features, functions, and specs, but the Tesla Model 3 trunk has mostly kept the same due to reasons best known to them.

There are four methods to access the trunk of the Model 3:

After making sure the vehicle is in park mode.

  1. Press the appropriate Open button on the touch screen.
  2. Double-click the rear trunk button on the key fob.
  3. Tap the back trunk button on the smartphone app.
  4. Push the switch close to the rear trunk’s outside handle.

The Model 3 must recognize a genuine key before opening the trunk.

The options listed above won’t open the trunk. They will release the trunk because it isn’t electrically operated; it requires physical force to open it.

However, Tesla offers a power liftgate retrofit if you feel tired or awkward physically. It will cost additional, and your neighborhood Tesla service center may provide it.

How to Close the Trunk

There are several techniques for closing an electrically controlled trunk.

  • Press the appropriate close button on the touch screen.
  • Push the switch close to the rear trunk’s outside handle.
  • Double-click the rear trunk button on the key fob.

In case of any hindrance in its course, the power trunk stops and sounds two bells while shutting. In such a situation, you must remove and attempt the impediment again.

Adjusting the Opening Height of the Powered Trunk

Tesla also provides the facility to adjust the opening height of the power trunk of your Tesla Model 3. The method is listed below:

  • After physically adjusting the aperture’s height, open the trunk.
  • To activate the confirmation beep, press and hold the button on the trunk’s underside for three seconds.
  • Close the power trunk and reopen it to ensure it is at the proper height.

The driver can also open the trunk of the Model 3 from the inside, for which the Model 3 contains an emergency trunk release that you may use to get out.

How large is the Tesla Model 3 Trunk?

At first instance, the Tesla Model 3 appears to be a compact, straightforward electric vehicle, but the appearance can be deceiving until experienced personally. What is a little cargo room may contain a large amount of space.

The Model 3’s trunk has a volume of 19.8 cubic feet after including the sub-trunk storage space is considered. However, folding the back seats can expand the trunk’s space. This will improve trunk space from 19.8 to 43 cubic feet.

The Model 3’s cargo area comfortably accommodates 15 carry-on bags or a complete bed kit.

Since the Model 3 rear trunk is the main focus of this post, we won’t go into greater depth about other features. If you add all the measurements, the trunk has about 19 cubic feet of space.

While fitting up to two pieces of full-sized baggage and two small duffel bags thanks to its dimensions of 37 inches wide by 42 inches long, the trunk’s 18-inch height could be a detriment.

The trunk’s under-floor storage space increases by three cubic feet. The cover will easily accommodate one rolling hand-carry luggage or a trunk cooler if taken off.

It will be simpler to accommodate strollers with changeable heights into the trunk. Strollers with larger tires or heavier seats may require more attention.

In 2022, the Tesla Model 3 will have a maximum load space of 22.9 cubic feet or 649 liters. It has two trunks: a front trunk with a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet ( about 88 liters) and a rear trunk with 19.8 cubic feet (561 liters), located behind the second seat.

“Because of its spacious pass-through and SUV-like fold-flat rear seats, the Model 3’s trunk can accommodate far more than you’d anticipate. 

Is it Possible to Manually Close a Tesla Trunk?

Pressing the button will cause a sound if the car times out with the trunk open. The only way to close it at that point is by using manual force.

This electric tailgate system operates by pressing a button to open and close your trunk. It can support activating and deactivating the tailgate using the official Tesla App. You may open and close the tailgate with the key fob if you have purchased and used a Model 3 key fob.

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Space

Front Trunk3.1 cu ft (88 L)
Behind 2nd row19.8 cu ft (561 L)
Maximum total cargo volume with 5 passengers22.9 cu ft (649 L)

Trunk Size Comparison Between Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y

The Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y are grouped into four completely different automobiles. Their size and usefulness, therefore, vary widely. Compare Model 3’s load capacity to Tesla Models X, S, and Y.

ParametersModel SModel 3Model XModel Y
Front Trunk3.1 cubic feet or 89 liters3.1 cubic feet or 88 liters6.5 cubic feet or 183 ltrs4.1 cubic feet or 117 liters
Rear Trunk25.0 cubic feet or 709 liters19.8 cubic feet or 561 liters15 cubic feet or 425 liters12.8 cubic feet or 363 liters
2nd Row Folded61.4 cubic feet or 1,739 litersNot available81.7 cubic feet or 2,314 liters76.2 cubic feet 2,158 liters
3rd Row FoldedNot availableNot available33 cubic feet or 935 liters26.6 cubic feet 753 liters
Cargo Volume and Passengers28.2 cubic feet or 798 liters22.9 cubic feet or 649 liters21.5 cubic feet or 608 liters17 cubic feet or 480 liters

Does the 2024 Model 3 Have a Power Trunk?

New automatic electric trunks are available for sale for the Model 3 at authorized service locations. A new automated electric trunk for the Model 3 has been introduced by Tesla as an aftermarket item sold directly and to facilitate its consumers.

You need to press a button, and this electronic tailgate system allows you to open and seal your Model 3 trunk. It can also be opened and closed by using the official Tesla app. Open and close the tailgate with the key fob if you use a Model 3 key fob.

Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk

One of the only cars in its class with a front trunk that offers a usable 2.7 cubic feet is the Model 3.” Another amusing component of the Tesla slang is the word “frunk.” At the front of the car, it is a handy place to store luggage.

Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk

Up to 25 kg can fit the front trunk’s 3.1 cubic feet carrying capacity. It’s, however, warned Tesla that having more than 25 kg in it may cause harm to your car. 

Does Model 3 Frunk Open Automatically?

The electric motor-powered Frunk automatically opens and closes when a key fob or in-car on-screen button is pressed. The Frunk’s height, like the trunk, can be adjusted, which is perfect if you park your Model 3 somewhere with a low ceiling.

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat

The vertical walls of liners, as opposed to typical floor mats, guarantee optimal protection for the carpet in the footwell and simple cleanup. They were created by Tesla’s Design Studio, exclusive grid pattern—cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC-free, and completely recyclable.

Floor mats are necessary for the Model 3 Standard Range, and Standard Range Plus trims as they do not come with any of them. Even the floor mats in the Model 3’s higher trim levels, though, could need an upgrade.

Do Teslas Have Good Trunk Space?

For an expensive electric car, the Model S boasts decent baggage space. With the second row pulled down, a space behind it is 25 cubic feet and 61.4 cubic feet. An additional 3.1 cubic feet of space may be found in the front trunk or trunk. It comes equipped with a hands-free motorized liftgate.

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