AWD Electric Vehicles: All you need to know about all-wheel drive

Lucid Air Grand Touring

In an AWD (All-Wheel Drive) electric car, all four wheels are driven by electric motors, giving the vehicle more grip and stability on slippery or unlevel surfaces. Although their range may be shorter owing to greater power consumption, all-wheel-drive electric vehicles (AWEVs) can provide superior acceleration and handling compared to their single-motor counterparts.

When we talk about AWD electric vehicles, it’s usually less complex than gasoline-powered ones. A large and complex transmission and mechanical system is required for AWD electric vehicles against the only rear or front-wheel EVs. In EVs, an additional motor is needed with other wheels to turn it into AWD electric vehicle.

In conventional vehicles, four-wheel Drive is only reserved for ultra-performance, most powerful, and expensive cars. In EVs, having four-wheel drive vehicles is not standard; however, dual electric motors are generally practiced in Electric vehicles worldwide.

Most Efficient AWD Electric Vehicles

To determine which is the most efficient and best performing All-Wheel Drive electric car among all is a tiring task and looks almost impossible to differentiate because all EVs excel each other in one or the other features. Some are range efficient and affordable, while others are off-road masters and powerful.

We list EVs based on their specifications and the best qualities that differentiate them from others. It depends on some metrics collected when owners and dealers come to purchase or already have an EV. 

The under-listed qualities are only the outcome of experiences and ratings of EV owners after driving these vehicles and may not be the final and eventual findings about EVs.

Below, we will discuss AWD electric vehicles in detail, their functions in electric cars , and review some different models with this unique feature. 

1. Long Range, Smallest, Lightest Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 with some of its features
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The range is the primary concern of every EV owner because it’s not the gas-powered vehicle that takes a few minutes to refuel and relieves the issue instantly. Instead, it’s the EV — taking hours for the task, and more worrisome is that you don’t find any nearby charging station.

So, every EV aspirant’s paramount concern is having a vehicle with maximum range, and Tesla Model 3 fully surpasses all other EVs in this concern. 

Equipped with an all-electric AWD electric vehicle, it takes pride in being the smallest and most lightweight EV, weighing only 4,034 pounds. Moving its lightest body consumes much less battery power and can travel up to 357 miles on one charge. Different concerned departments rated it at 132 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe).

 Lucid Air Grand Touring is also rated 132 MPGe compared to Tesla Model 3, despite its more might and larger body. However, mileage efficiency is not its standard rating, and maximum range can only be achieved after fitting smaller 19″ wheels instead of larger original ones.

2. Lowest Priced AWD EV – Toyota bZ4X

Lowest Priced AWD EV – Toyota bZ4X
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Toyota remained far behind for a long time to join hands with the electric vehicles club, and it entered by introducing the bZ4X crossover 2023, which glaringly sets it apart from its gas-powered vehicles.

Toyota offers front and AWD electric vehicles, and its former all-electric car, RAV4 EV, was at about 254 miles per charge.

bZ4X co-relates with non-luxury all-electric SUVs such as Ford Mustang Mach E, Hyundai Kona all-electric, Model Y Tesla, and Chevrolet Bolt EUV. As far as most of its features are concerned, it’s nearly similar to that of the Subaru Solterra. 

Toyota bZ4X SUV, with its 214 horsepower dual motors and an estimated range of 228 miles, is believed to be the lowest priced best AWD electric car of its kind. 

It is available in Limited trim and XLE levels, either in single front-wheel Drive or in two motors and AWD. Its standard model only comes with front-wheel Drive; upgrading to all-wheel Drive or dual motors can cost an additional $2000. 

It’s usually equipped with glass made roof, cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, lane departure warning system, monitoring for blind spots, rear traffic alerts, and assistance for a safe exit. Limited trim has additional features such as heated front seats and steering wheels, a multiple-view camera, and others costing you extra charges.

Toyota bZ4X SUV has a 201 horsepower dual-motor—and front-wheel Drive that matches the Volkswagon ID.4. It has an estimated range of 228 miles. The power, however, increases slightly by 215 hp after adding another motor to make it AWD. Its dual motor version will take almost 6.4 seconds to get the speed of 60 mph, which cannot be, in any case, appreciated when we look around the available torque offered by most EVs.

Toyota bZ4X’s price is $43,335 for the XLE model and $48,035 for the Limited version, including all the destination charges, and is believed to be the lowest priced best AWD electric car of its kind. 

3. Longest Range AWD EV – Lucid Air Grand Touring

For people desiring extreme thrill and different driving dynamics, Lucid Air Touring is fully optimized for full acceleration. Despite its 1,050 horsepower engine, it still can get a top speed of 168 miles per hour. It gets 0-60 in a short while of 2.6 seconds and can travel up to 516 miles with a single charge. It’s the greatest possible range of EV driving with a single charge, and one should not look forward except for this if he requires range cum power. 

It’s the mixture of power, relentless range, speed, complexity, and off-road Drive equipped with all the features of AWD drive.

It’s the kind of AWD EV which makes you fun in both ways, one from range and the second from power and complexity. When we talk about the Lucid Air Grand Touring price, it’s exceptional and starts from 154,000 US dollars.

4. AWD EV with Most Cargo Space – Rivian R1S

4. AWD EV with Most Cargo Space blue Rivian R1S
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There are people whose primary concern regarding EVs is how spacious an EV is to hold their luggage and family. They should look for no other EV but to fully electric Rivian R1S SUV with an ultra-spacious 105 cubic feet of enclosed capacity, which is unparalleled in its type of electric vehicle.

Its boxy shape gives it an advantage over other EVs, providing a lot of space inside its cabin. Both seating rows can be folded flat in the rear for more room. There is also a bin beneath the cargo floor with 5.1 cubic feet of space for cargo. For additional cargo, its front trunk –usually reserved for the engine in the conventional vehicle–is also available with an extra cargo space of nearly 11.1 cubic feet. 

Its acceleration is ultra-fast, like its former model RIT Pickup Truck, and can go as quick as 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Its suspension is adjustable to give up the vehicle 15 inches of ground clearance.

RIS range, with a standard battery pack, is at around 260 miles, up to 316 after upgrading the battery pack.

5. Highest Ground Clearance AWD EV – GMC Hummer EV

Highest Ground Clearance AWD EV – GMC Hummer EV
Image credit: Google

GMC Hummer (Hummer EV and badged as HEV) is associated with off-road adventures and rock-crawling fun. Its production was initiated in late October 2020, starting with Pickup Truck, and the SUV model was first delivered in April 2021. By the end of 2022, a total of 783 vehicles will have been delivered to either dealers or owners of EVs. 

GMC Hummer is on the highest floor from the ground, and in its extract mode, It can rise to 16 inches from the ground surface.

GMC Hummer electric full-size EV manufactured by General Motors is powered by a mighty 1,000 horsepower electric powertrain and can achieve 60 mph as quickly as in 3.3 seconds. 

It can withstand any terrain, whether it be rocks, boulders, or hatchbacks; its rear-wheel steering system can tackle obstacles more easily.

It also can travel sideways by using its innovative crab driving mode.

6. Most Powerful 1200+hp AWD Lucid Air Sapphire

Most Powerful 1200+hp AWD Lucid Air Sapphire
Image credit: Google

Outright wild power is the hallmark of the Lucid Air Sapphire EV luxury Sedan with its gigantic motor of 1,200 hp. According to the company’s quick acceleration claim, it will acquire from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds, and 100 comes before it ends the four. In comparison, Tesla Model S Plaid–the quickest– hit 60 mph in 2.1 seconds and touched 100 in just 4.3 seconds. It’s known as the world’s most powerful electric SUV Sedan until now after making Lucid’s own Air Grand Touring Performance, the 2nd most powerful Sedan worldwide.

The addition of rear-end dual-motor roughy would out-accelerate the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and Tesla Model S Plaid.

As far as Lucid Air Sapphire’s price is concerned, it’s around $250,000 and will start production in mid of 2023.

7. EV with Most Towing Capacity – Rivian R1T

EV with Most Towing Capacity – Rivian R1T
Image credit: Google

When you look at an EV for its capacity to tow some weight, it looks ridiculous. Attaching weight and pulling something must be more relaxed, reducing the vehicle’s efficiency and mileage.

From the coldest places to the hottest, our battery systems were manufactured to target between 260 to 400 miles of range, depending on what type of motor and battery pack you select. Range estimates may vary depending on multiple factors, including driving style and conditions.

The best version of Ford, with a best-selling EV, can tow up to 11,000 pounds, and it looks impressive without a powertrain. Without pulling a heavy load of around 11,000 lbs, it can achieve a 0 to 60 mph speed in just 3 seconds.

8. Last but not Least —Tesla Model Y —A Combination of Qualities.

Grey Tesla Model Y 
Image credit: Google

Although the Tesla Model Y is based on the Model 3 Sedan, however, it’s most liked than the Model 3 across the United States. It’s the combination of many qualities that most other EVs may lack. Being fully electric, you never need to go far from gas refueling, and once you put it for home charging overnight, it will be fully charged by morning. You can plug in for quick charging at the Tesla charging point or even at some public charging station while on the way.

However, although the EV is small—quick acceleration is still available if you use performance trim mode with its 304 hp electric motor. It is a full-electric SUV with the installation of dual, highly-responsive, fully independent electric motors that control torque in the rear and front wheels. It provides far better control, traction, and stability to the vehicle, and due to its quality, it can go through mud, snow, and any rough terrain.

It provides plenty of room with a large cargo trunk of 76 cubic feet, usually not offered with such vehicles.

This small SUV is enjoyable to drive, with enough room and adaptability for families with an electric drive train.

With its comparatively small battery pack, its long-range model provides 303 miles, and the performance model with a range of 330 miles with a single charge.

You can customize your Tesla Model y by adopting a few different ways, and five exterior dash colors are provided— additional modifications such as exterior color and an optional third row can cost you additional.

Let’s come to the Tesla Model Y price, which could be $67,440 for the long-range and up to $71,440 for the Performance model.

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicles

AWD EVs are designed with many additional features compared to two-wheel all-electric Drives. To acquire more forward or backward traction on wet or slippery roads during rain or snow or to provide extra power on off-road driving in terrains and for hilly or rocky terrains, it’s best suited and never put you ashamed. Only front or rear-wheel Drive EVs usually lose traction in a situation where AWD can win easily.

It’s also useful to gain more traction in dry conditions and accelerate quicker. Here are some reasons why you might want an all-wheel-drive car:

  • It improves traction on slippery/snowy and wet roads.
  • It’s useful in tough to moderate off-road terrain.
  • These have the vast ability to go through sand, mud, gravel, and other loose surfaces.
  • We inhabit a temperate climate where atmospheric conditions tend to change rapidly, and its driving is marvelous if such an untoward situation prevails.
  • It’s best when you are traveling through rough and tough weather.

Is All-Wheel Drive the Same As 4-Wheel Drive?

The term AWD typically denotes a type of vehicle where the kind of drivetrain is responsible for supplying power to each vehicle’s wheel. The design of the AWD from vehicle to vehicle may vary; however, the main function of AWD is to provide the greatest forward or backward traction to the vehicle during acceleration.

Both are not the same because when you engage the 4-wheel Drive into action, you cannot drive the vehicle on dry roads. After all, the engine cannot control the speed of each car tire. You can experience it by letting the 4WD switch not go back to normal mode after driving in this mode for a while.

It will not happen in AWD electric vehicles because the front and rear-wheel axles act differently in this type of drive train. The performance of AWD is also better than a 4WD because it performs well in dry conditions. In this way, the performance of AWD vehicles surpasses through a slippery road than two-wheel Drive.

In AWD mode, each wheel acquires forward or backward traction individually. Both are also different as AWD is always on while 4WD can be switched on and off according to the situation.

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