Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement Cost: Read to know all about

Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement Cost

The battery is what makes the Tesla automobile stand out from the competition. Not only are Tesla batteries strong, but they also last a long time and are very sturdy. The cost of these batteries exceeds that of competitive options. What precisely is it that sets them apart as exceptional? Or, how much does battery installation cost? Read this article to exlplore about the Tesla model Y battery replacement, cost, warranty and range.

It would take the typical American driver about 14 years to rack up 200,000 kilometers, assuming they put on about 14,000 miles per year. There is little likelihood that you will ever need to change the battery in your Tesla, and the average American has held on to their vehicle for almost 12 years.

Depending on the Tesla models, the expense of the battery ranges from about $10,000 to $15,000. The expense of the battery can range from $12,000 to $15,000 for the Model X and Model S, with the Model Y and Model 3 costing a minimum of $7,000.

Coverage for the regular Model Y and 3 lasts for eight years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. The batteries are promised to maintain at least 70% of their initial capacity for that period.

Will You Ever Replace Tesla Battery?

Tesla batteries rarely need to be replaced because, according to Tesla’s claim, they are made to outlast EVs. A Tesla battery has a lifespan of 15–20 years, depending on the type of driving done and other variables. Battery replacement is an expensive repair.

When to Replace the Tesla Battery

Your Tesla’s battery will last between 300,000 and 500,000 kilometers, or 1,500 cycles. The typical lifespan of a car driven 40 kilometers per day is between 22 and 37 years.

Tesla Battery Cost Breakdown

Electric vehicle battery cost breakdown

The battery packs for all Tesla models comprise various small and large components with their own requirements and costs. Here are the most expensive components of an electric vehicle battery

  • Cells are the battery’s most significant part, costing about $400.
  • The expense of the battery cooling system is roughly 10% of the entire battery.
  • A control unit, electrical wiring, and other small parts account for the final 5%- 10% of the budget.
  • The primary component, lithium-ion batteries, is prohibitively costly.

Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement: Labor and Parts Included

A faulty voltage regulator, burst breaker, or similar small problem could kill a Tesla battery. However, the complete battery will be impacted if an issue occurs in just one cell element.

Because the levels of all the battery components must be uniform with one another, if even one component gives an exceeding high or low voltage, the whole pack could collapse.

The price of changing battery modules is estimated to be between $7,000 and $5,000, and four to five battery components are used in each Tesla model, making a total repair cost between $20,000 and $35,000.

Since the price of the cheapest Tesla is $46,990, the battery is responsible for almost half of that price. Replacing your injured battery pack with a new one could range from $13,000 to $17,000. However, you should be prepared to spend over $25,000 on a brand-new battery if you decide to go that route.

Battery replacement requests for Type Y are pretty infrequent. Battery deterioration or repair under warranty appears extremely rare in the Model Y and the Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

The Tesla Model Y battery replacement cost module will mirror that of the Model 3. A Model Y’s 75-82 kWh battery cell replacement would cost about $11,000 at today’s projected rate per kWh ($137). The repair will cost about $500 total (including the cost of the various components and the time it takes to install them).

How to Know When Tesla Needs Battery Replacement?

tesla model y battery replacement cost

Tesla electric vehicle batteries are made to last more than the EV life itself. These batteries can retain more than 70 percent of their usable energy even after driving 500,000 miles. If a battery ever needs to be replaced, there are apparent signs of how the battery is working and requires replacement. 

A few primary warning signs are listed:

  • Above 20% sudden drop in EV battery range.
  • Range loss above the 30% limit set by the warranty
  • Not being able to hold a charge at all.
  • A Tesla notification about battery degradation because when Tesla detects a problem with your battery, it sends you a warning.

Tesla Model Y Battery Price

Batteries for electric vehicles are expensive and cost thousands of dollars. Similarly, a battery pack costs $137 for one kWh, and a new Model, Y 75-82 kWh battery, would cost roughly $10,000 12,000.

Tesla Model Y Battery Capacity

The Model Y has a different battery capacity, 75 kWh, across all its customization levels because its efficiency, pace, and compact dimensions require a relatively hefty 75 kWh battery.

The overall volume of the battery pack in the Tesla Model Y Long Range Performance is 78.1 kWh, and only an estimated 75 kWh potential can be put to good use for driving. With such a substantial full battery, you can travel around 260 kilometers.

Tesla Model Y Battery Range

It’s 303 to 318 miles battery—only for Tesla Model Y

Here is the battery lasting chart of each Tesla Model for readers’ convenience.

Tesla ModelsEstimated Range
Tesla Model 3 Performance315 miles
Tesla Model 3 Long Range334 miles
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range267 miles
Tesla Model X332 miles
Tesla Model X Plaid313 miles
Tesla Model S375 miles
Tesla Model S Plaid348 miles
Tesla Model Y Long Range318 miles
Tesla Model Y Performance303 miles

Tesla Model Y Battery Life

300,000 to 500,000 miles

Model Y battery explained

Tesla’s electric vehicle batteries typically last significantly longer than their guarantees ensure. The EV batteries would last between 22 and 37 years with a daily 40-mile drive. Tesla electric vehicle batteries have 1,500 battery cycles or a lifespan of 300,000–500,000 miles.

The Model Y’s battery has a range of 300,000–500,000 kilometers before it needs to be changed. If you drive 20,000 kilometers in your car yearly, the Model Y should serve you well for 15–25 years.

Tesla Model Y Warranty

Tesla’s Model Y is covered by various guarantees grouped together under the New Vehicle Limited Guaranty. For brand-new Teslas, the restricted guarantee provides the following protections: These are included:

Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty: Tesla will pay for repairs or replacements for 4 years or 50,000 kilometers on any component made or supplied. Examples are the side reflectors, touchscreen control panels, and body panels. Things like windscreen blades and seat covers, which naturally wear out over time, aren’t included.

Safety Restraint System Limited Warranty: Seat belts and airbag devices are warranted for 5 years or 60,000 kilometers. Within the parameters outlined in Tesla’s guarantee paperwork, the company will pay to have faulty parts replaced or repaired at no cost to the customer.

Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty:  Damage caused by battery explosions or unacceptable low battery capacity retention are covered for 8 years or 120,000 miles on these systems in the Long Range and Performance models.

Used Tesla Vehicles Limited Warranty

For used Tesla cars, the remaining manufacturer guarantee will apply. When you buy a pre-owned Tesla from the company, you’ll be reassured by the used car limited warranty. The remaining 4 years or 50,000 miles of coverage under Tesla’s Standard Vehicle Limited Guarantee applies to pre-owned Tesla cars. Used Car Limited Warranty Extender gives you an extra year of covering or 10,000 more miles after your original warranty has ended.

Tesla Model Y Battery Warranty

All new Tesla cars have an 8-year limited battery cell and drivetrain components warranty. If we talk about the Long Range and Performance trim levels of the Model Y, the Battery and Motor Unit Limited Warranty is valid for up to 120,000 kilometers. Warranty expires at the earlier of(1) 8 years or (2) the model-specified miles.

70% battery retention capacity is the clause that one must keep in mind, which means if the vehicle’s range drops to 70% of its initial value after a complete charge, Tesla will repair the battery pack at no cost to the customer during the guarantee term.

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