Tesla Battery Price: Let’s Know Enormous Battery Price

Tesla Battery Price

How Much Does It Cost to Power Your Tesla?

As time passes, electric vehicles grow more widespread worldwide; their cost becomes more relevant. The cost of the battery is a significant element in electric car ownership. This article examines Tesla battery pricing and how they affect Tesla’s electricity costs.

Brand-new battery packs for various Tesla Models may vary depending on models, type of vehicle, and size of the battery being used in the vehicle. It, however, can cost up to $ 22,500 for a new battery, and In case a re-manufactured battery pack is used, it will cost you only around $ 9,000 to $ 10,000.

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Tesla Battery Price Overview

What should you do if your Tesla EV battery starts losing its capacity-which will rarely be experienced as Tesla claims its battery will outlive the vehicle- or stops working altogether? 

Tesla is currently at the top of the electric vehicle industry for EV manufacturing and battery performance. It has outnumbered different automakers in recent years with more than 100 years of experience in its automation field.

Even if electric vehicles are on the way to the future, they are nonetheless susceptible to harm and deterioration. The cost of the battery is different for every electric car. Tesla currently offers four battery options for their electric vehicles: Standard Range, Long Range, Performance, and Plaid.

Each of these options has a different battery size and Range, which impacts the overall cost of the battery. Here’s an overview of the current Tesla battery prices:
· Standard Range: $8,000
· Long Range: $10,000
· Performance: $12,000
· Plaid: $20,000
It’s important to note that these prices are for battery replacements, not the initial cost of the battery when purchasing a new Tesla. The battery cost is included in the vehicle’s purchase price. 

Battery Cost of Tesla Models

Before moving directly to the battery cost, you should remember that several other costs will also be included while considering replacing your electric vehicle’s battery. These costs include: 

  • Labor costs
  • Battery’s own cost
  • Costs of other replacement parts 

According to Tesla, the battery typically costs between $10,000-$15,000. But, its price depends on several other factors too. Two main things are what model you own and when you purchased it because the battery prices of every model vary. And the price you have paid today will be different after some years. 

Tesla Battery Prices for Some Models

Tesla ModelBattery SizeBattery Cost
Model 350 kWh$7,000
Model 375 kWh$11,000
Model 382 kWh$12,000
Model Y75 kWh$11,000
Model Y82 kWh$12,000
Model S75 kWh$11,000
Model S100 kWh$15,000
Model X75 kWh$11,000
Model X100 kWh$15,000

Tesla Model X Battery Replacement Cost

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Since we haven’t seen any Model X repair invoices that specify a total battery replacement, we can safely assume that the cost is comparable to that of a Model S battery replacement.

You can review this article to check the battery replacement cost for Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model X Battery Life

Buyers of Tesla usually ask how long does a Tesla battery last? 

You can check the Tesla Vehicle’s battery expectancy through the Tesla Models battery warranty because the battery warranty for all Tesla models is almost the same. 

Tesla asserts that even after 200,000 miles, the Model S and Model X still hold 90% of their original capability and only lose 10 % after years of performance.

The above assertion is supported by third-party study data from Nimble  Fins, which shows that Tesla Models with 150,000 miles operate at 90% capacity. In comparison, vehicles with 200,000 miles on them still operate at over 80% of their total capacity.

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Tesla Model X Battery Weight and Size 

Tesla automobile batteries are much larger and heavier than conventional gasoline-powered cars. So, how heavy is a Tesla battery? Tesla vehicle battery packs possess much power while being significantly heavier than ICEs. 

For the Tesla Model X, the battery weight is about 1200 pounds. It has a maximum power output of 255 horsepower. The size of the Tesla Model X battery is 100 kWh, and the 95 kWh is usable by the vehicle. 

Tesla Model X Battery Range

Tesla Model X can travel up to 305 miles on a single charge. With the help of a DC fast charger, the battery can be charged within 25–30 minutes.

This article bears the prices of batteries for various Tesla Models, and the battery replacement cost for Model X has been discussed in detail. 

Factors That Affect Tesla Battery Price

The battery’s cost is a significant part of Tesla’s ownership, but other things may affect it over time. Remember these:
1. Battery Degradation: All batteries deteriorate over time, losing capacity and charge. This affects Tesla’s range and battery performance. Tesla batteries are meant to survive, yet battery deterioration is normal and may affect electric car costs.
2. Charging Habits: How you charge your Tesla affects battery life. Charging and discharging your battery often might hasten degeneration. Follow Tesla’s charging rules to prolong battery life.
3. Maintenance: Tesla maintenance may prolong battery life. Tire rotations and brake inspections may help your car run effectively, extending battery life.

4. Location: Electricity costs vary by location. Tesla ownership might be affected by increasing power bills. Electric car ownership costs must include power costs.

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Tesla Batteries: Worth It?

Tesla batteries may appear expensive, but the actual cost of owning an electric car includes several things. Remember these:

1. Lower fuel cost: Decreased Expenses for Transportation Fuel One of the most significant benefits of having an electric car is decreased expenses for transportation fuel. Since you won’t be buying gasoline, you can reduce the money you spend on fuel over time, resulting in considerable cost savings.
2. Tax Credits: Depending on where you live, you could get tax credits or other incentives if you buy an electric car. Incentives include things like lower gas prices. These credits may offset some of the cost of the battery, which will help make owning a Tesla more financially feasible.
3. Influence on the Environment: If you are concerned about the environment, you should consider purchasing an electric car rather than a gasoline-powered vehicle.

If lessening your impact on the environment is a priority for you, investing in a Tesla battery, despite its higher upfront cost, can be money well spent in the long term.


When calculating how much it will cost to buy an electric vehicle, the Tesla battery price is one of the most significant elements. In deciding how much it will cost to acquire a Tesla, several factors are considered besides the price, which may first seem extravagant.

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