Electric cars for 12 year olds to drive

Electric cars for 12 year olds to drive

Electric cars for 12 year olds to drive

As electric cars become increasingly popular, it is not surprising that parents may be interested in purchasing them for their children. However, it is essential to remember that most countries have strict age restrictions and safety regulations for driving on public roads. In this context, the idea of electric cars for 10 to 12-year-olds may raise some questions and concerns.

While electric cars designed for children are typically intended for use on private property or in controlled environments rather than on public roads. It is essential to remember this when considering whether an electric car is an appropriate option for your child. In this context, it is essential to prioritize safety and abide by legal regulations regarding children and driving.

We have a range of electric cars designed for children aged 10 and over to drive. You’ll find information about these electric vehicles, their benefits, drawbacks, and features here. 

Things to Consider in EVs For 10-12 Years Older

There are some considerations if you are looking for an electric car for your kids who are 10 years older. While purchasing it, keeping these in mind will help you choose the best electric vehicle. These are given as under:

  • Speed      
  • Size
  • Colors and Design


Kids under 10 should travel at nine mph. The maximum speed offered by some vehicles is 20 mph and is more suitable for children 10-12 years and above.

EVs for kids have parental controls that guarantee the safety of your youngster. Therefore, before introducing high-speed modes to your children, we advise you to teach them to move slowly. 


Make sure your children have enough space for their legs in the vehicle. While some cars have low seats and little room for the legs, others have plenty of space for taller kids. Every vehicle has a different weight. An automobile’s weight is determined by its engine or motor. 

Colors and Design

Depending on the gender of the child and the prevailing trends among young people, vehicles come in various designs and colors. Due to the belief that pink is typically associated with girls, your 10 year older boy may be surprised to discover a pink car.

While you are the one who knows your child the best, if your kid has a preferred style, you might choose the vehicle to make him happy.

Safety Equipment

You should purchase an EV with safety equipment like gloves, helmets, etc. No matter how well-trained your child is, it would be best if you did not let him ride without safety equipment.

Manufacturers Specifications

The automakers suggested age, weight, and other requirements should also be considered while buying an EV for your child. If you disregard these instructions, your kid might not fit on the seat, become bored with the slow speed, or find the colours or cartoon printed on the vehicle unappealing.

Best Electric Vehicles For Your Children to Drive

Let’s examine these EVs and discuss their specifications, pros, and cons. 

These vehicles include:

  • Razor Dirt Quad
  • Razor Dune Buggy
  • Go-Kart
  • Go-Bowen Baja
  • Mercedes Benz GTR
  • Costzan Dune Racer

Razor Dirt Quad

It is one of the best off-roaders vehicles. The outstanding rear suspension is its best attribute. No matter what surface your child is travelling on, this vehicle would not cause him to feel the harsh bumps on the road. 

Furthermore, it has enormous 12-inch knobby wheels. 

Some of its features include:

  • It has a speed controller and brakes conveniently located at your fingerprint.
  • Twist the throttle to increase speed, and to decrease speed, use the rear disc brakes.
  • Moving the handgrips so your youngster can access them is possible.


  • Weight:  120 pounds
  • Battery:  24 Volt
  • Motor:    350 watt
  • Top Speed:  8 mph
  • Running Time:  40 minutes 


  • It provides approximately 60 minutes of non-stop driving once it is charged.
  • Smooth ride on rocky terrains.
  • Comfortable cushioned seat.
  • Durable even under extreme climates.


  • The vehicle cannot be reversed.
  • Lacks both taillights and headlights.
  • High temperatures could reduce the life span of the battery.

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Razor Dune Buggy

It is the best electric car for youngsters ages 10 to 12 or above. Despite its brief and simplistic appearance, it is surprisingly robust and long-lasting. 

All you have to do is to connect the throttle and charge the vehicle because it comes completely assembled. Its small wheels make it easy to spin quickly and keep a steady speed. This model also includes a seat belt for your kid’s protection. 

With the help of the throttle system, children can easily maintain control during their journey. As a result, the brakes work brilliantly even when the car is moving at high speed. 

There is a tone of vertical space available on this ride as well.


  • Running Time:40 minutes 
  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Weight:37.65 kg
  • Range:  9 miles/hour


  • It is robust and durable. 
  • It has additional features like brakes and a seat belt.
  • 8-inch knobby tires.
  • A controlled accelerator that allows for east riding over rugged terrain.
  • It provides vertical storage.


  • It has a tiny seat.
  • Its battery is short-lasting.

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There are two driving options in this vehicle: conventional driving and drifting. Before introducing your child to how to drift, come to the driving mode. Your youngster can enjoy an exciting ride in this cart while in drifting mode.

It only takes 30 minutes or less to assemble. It needs to be charged for 8-12 hours after being unboxed before your child can use it for a ride that lasts only for an hour.

It can harm the battery if you wash it with soapy water. Therefore, avoid touching wet areas. It is best suited for flat areas than for trenches and rocky terrains. 

It is best to train your child for fast driving by allowing them to set their speed. 


  • Weight:  145 pounds
  • Top Speed:  9 mph
  • Running Time:  1 hour
  • Charging Time:  8-12 hours


  • It can run for an hour on one charge.
  • It offers both standard and drift modes.
  • Appropriate for flat surfaces.


  • Its speed cannot exceed 9 mph.
  • Extreme weather damages automobiles in different ways.

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Go-Bowen Baja

Regarding speed and motor, no kid s vehicle is compared to it. 

Its top speed is 20 miles per hour. Therefore, it is recommended for children 10 to 12 years older due to its several speed settings and parental speed control. This electric car is appropriate for youngsters. They will enjoy experiencing a real vehicle ride with foot-operated brakes.


  • Weight:  179 pounds
  • Motor:  1000 watt
  • Battery:  48 volt 
  • Top Speed:  20 mph
  • Running Time:  2 hours


  • Long-lasting battery.
  • It offers an astounding speed of 20 mph.
  • It can run for 2 hours on a single charge. 


  • It is somewhat expensive.
  • Unsuitable for exceptionally tall children.

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Mercedes Benz GTR

It is ideal for youngsters who wish to ride indoors and outdoors in elegance. It has a recognizable grille and sleek design, which are this vehicle’s hallmarks. 

It is a two-seater electric car. It is designed for convenient, realistic, kid-friendly driving pleasure. 

It has a radio, USB, auxiliary connectivity, and remote control steering assistance. It has three gears. It has braking and reverse functions. 


  • Weight:  88 pounds
  • Motor:  50 watt
  • Top Speed:  3.72 mph

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Costzan Dune Racer

It is a great option for fast-paced entertainment because it is easy to drive on any terrain, including wet, slick, rough, and paved ones. As its name suggests, it is best suited for racing along a sandy beach because of its tough, grooved tires. 

Your children will ride this electric car for hours in comfort, safety, and happiness. A music player, parent remote control, and ambient lighting are all included in the vehicle so that you can assist the children whenever necessary.


  • Weight:  110 pounds 
  • Motor:  50 watt
  • Top Speed:  2.5 mph

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