Convenience of a Tesla Spare Tire: Never Get Stranded Again


Does a Tesla come with a spare tire? This is one of the often-asked topics when it comes to Tesla cars. No, a Tesla spare tire is not included with Tesla automobiles, to put it simply. Instead, they have a tire inflation kit and a tire repair kit. This article will cover the lack of a Tesla spare tire, the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a tire repair kit, and how to use one effectively in the event of a flat tire.

Why doesn’t Tesla include a spare tire?

Weight and space restrictions are the primary causes of the absence of Tesla spare tires. A Tesla spare tire would increase the vehicle’s weight, reducing its performance and range. Adding a spare tire would also contradict the efficiency and environmental principles that Tesla vehicles are built with. Instead, Teslaoffers a tire repair kit and a tire inflation kit that are portable and barely take up any room inside the car.

Why doesn’t Tesla include a spare tire

Benefits and drawbacks of using a tire repair kit

It is a short fix to a flat tire and can be helpful in an emergency. The following are the benefits of using a tire repair kit:


A tire repair kit has several advantages over getting a new tire or asking for roadside help, the first of which is its low price.

Simple to use

Even people who have never worked on a car before should be able to utilize a tire repair kit.

Saves time

Thirdly, using a tire repair kit can help you save time by allowing you to swiftly replace the flat tire and get back on the road.

But, employing a tire repair kit has disadvantages as well. The fact that it is merely a temporary solution and might not function in all circumstances is its most significant negative. In addition, a tire repair kit might be unable to mend a seriously damaged tire.

How to properly use a tire repair kit

If you decide to use a tire repair kit, you must know how to use it correctly. Here are the steps to follow:

Find the puncture’s location

If the object that caused the hole is still within the tire, remove it.

Set up the tire repair kit

Most tire repair kits include tools, such as a reamer and a plugger. Prepare the tools according to the directions on the kit.

Ream the puncture

Use the reamer tool to enlarge the tire’s hole so the plug can be inserted more easily.

Put the plugin

Grab the plug and push it into the tire’s hole until it is flush with the tire.

Inflate the tire

Fill the tire to the specified pressure using the tire inflation kit.

Inspect the tire

When inflating it, look for leaks. You can keep driving if there are no leaks. You must fix the tire differently or get roadside help if there are leaks.

Inspect the tire

Why Tesla Doesn’t Come with a Spare Wheel: Explained

There are various reasons why Tesla spare tires are not standard on these vehicles. The primary justification is that storing a Tesla spare tire inside the car would increase weight and take up valuable space, lowering the car’s economy and range. As Tesla is recognized for emphasizing economy and sustainability, having a spare wheel would conflict with these objectives.

Another argument is that Tesla offers a tire repair kit and a tire inflation kit instead of a spare wheel. These kits are intended to provide a short-term solution to a flat tire and are small and lightweight. Most drivers find this option affordable and practical, enabling them to resume driving rapidly without waiting for roadside assistance or paying for a new tire.

Also, Tesla vehicles offer a complete roadside support program that covers flat tire repair, towing, and other services. Under this initiative, Tesla drivers can be sure that they can obtain the assistance they require in an emergency without worrying about carrying a Tesla spare wheel or doing tire maintenance on their own.

In conclusion, while not having a spare wheel may seem like a drawback to some drivers, Tesla’s focus on sustainability and economy has led them to offer substitute alternatives that are affordable, practical, and useful in a flat tire emergency.

The Pros and Cons of Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit vs. a Spare Wheel

Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit vs. a Spare Wheel

When dealing with a flat tire emergency, Tesla owners have two main options: using Tesla’s tire repair kit or having a spare wheel on hand. Both options have pros and cons, and understanding them is essential before deciding.

Pros of Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit:

Compact and simple to store

The Tesla tire repair kit is compact and lightweight, making it simple to keep within the car without taking up much room.


Employing a tire repair kit is typically less expensive than purchasing a new tire or paying for towing services.

Speedy and convenient

The Tesla tire repair kit allows you to rapidly change a flat tire and resume driving without needing assistance.

Cons of Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit:

Temporary fix

A tire repair kit is only a quick solution to a flat tire, and the repaired tire may need to be replaced in the future.

Limited effectiveness

A tire repair kit may be unable to fix all types of punctures or damage to a tire.

Needs some understanding

Using a tire repair kit involves some ability and knowledge; thus, it might not be appropriate for drivers not accustomed to performing essential auto maintenance.

Pros of a Tesla Spare Tire

Reliable fix

A spare wheel provides a reliable fix to a flat tire and can be used multiple times.

No additional knowledge required

Using a spare wheel does not require any specialized knowledge or skill.

Peace of mind

Having a spare wheel on hand can give drivers peace of mind and help them feel prepared for emergencies.

Cons of a Tesla Spare Tire

Takes up space

A Tesla spare tire takes important inside space and adds weight, affecting the vehicle’s efficiency and range.


Buying a Tesla spare wheel can be expensive and not cost-effective for some drivers.


Replacing a wheel using a Tesla spare tire can be disruptive and time-consuming, mainly if the driver is unfamiliar with the procedure.

In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to having a Tesla spare tire and a Tesla tire repair kit. Although the Tesla tire repair kit is portable, inexpensive, and easy to use in the event of a flat tire, it is just a temporary fix.

Nonetheless, Tesla spare tire is a dependable solution to a flat tire; however, it may be cumbersome, expensive, or both. The decision between a spare wheel and a tire repair kit comes down to personal preference, cost, and how often a motorist has to change a flat.

How to Use Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit to Fix a Flat Tire

If you suffer from a flat tire while driving your Tesla, you may use the standard tire repair kit with your car to get back on the road as soon as possible. The process begins with the following:

Identify the puncture’s position

This will ensure that the object that created the hole is removed before you continue.

Prepare the repair kit

Get the tire repair kit ready; it contains a reamer and a plugger, both unique to Tesla. To ready the equipment, follow the manual’s directions.

Ream the puncture

Use the reamer to expand the hole in the tire caused by the puncture. Put the reamer tool into the wound and spin it clockwise to widen it.

Insert the plug

The fourth step uses the plugger tool to put the plug into the tire. Completely insert the plug into the hole until the top of the tire is touched.

Remove the plugger tool

When the plug has been installed, carefully pull the plugger tool out of the tire.

Inflate the tire

Inflate the tire to the correct pressure using the Tesla-supplied tire inflation kit. Attach the kit to the valve to inflate a tire and push the button. Make sure the pressure always reads within the safe range.

Check the tire

After inflating it, check it for leaks. Spray soapy water on the area around the plug to check for bubbles. If you see any bubbles, the plug did not seal the puncture properly, and you should consider using an alternative solution or contacting roadside assistance.

It’s important to note that Tesla’s tire repair kit is a short time fix and should not be considered a permanent fix to a flat tire. It’s recommended that you replace the tire as soon as possible or inspect it by a professional to ensure your safety on the road. Additionally, the tire repair kit should only be used for punctures in the tire’s tread area, not on the sidewall, as sidewall damage is typically more severe and requires a professional’s attention.

Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit: What’s Inside and How It Works

The tire repair kit from Tesla is a portable, lightweight option for patching up small roadside tire punctures. The following parts are included in the kit:

Tire sealant

This sealant can temporarily plug the hole caused by the puncture.

Air compressor

After repairing the puncture, you may inflate the tire using the kit’s small air compressor.

Tire sealant hose

The sealant container is attached to the tire’s valve stem through the hose.

Tire pressure gauge

Tire pressure may be checked before and after inflation with the gauge supplied in the package.

Here’s How Tesla’s Tire Repair kit Works:

Identify the puncture

Before using the kit, identify the location of the puncture in the tire.

Connect the hose

Connect the tire sealant hose to the canister of sealant and the tire’s valve stem.

Fill the tire

Activate the sealant canister to fill the puncture with sealant. The sealant will coat the inside of the tire and seal the puncture, preventing air from escaping.

Tire inflation

Fill the tire to the specified pressure with the air compressor. To ensure the tire pressure is within the advised range, check it frequently.

Check for leaks

Examine the tire for leaks once you’ve inflated it. You may need to try another way to fix the puncture or call roadside help if the tire is still losing air.

The tire repair kit provided by Tesla is only meant to be a temporary fix for small punctures; it’s crucial to remember this. The tire may need to be changed entirely if the puncture is severe or the sidewall has been damaged. For your safety on the road, it’s also advised that you change the ruptured tire with a new one as soon as feasible.

Is a Tesla Spare Tire Necessary for Tesla Owners?

Tesla spare tire is not included with Tesla automobiles. They come with run-flat tires and a tire repair kit instead. To be prepared for a flat tire, it’s still a good idea to carry a portable air compressor and tire sealant or sign up for a roadside help program.

Roadside Assistance vs. Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit: Which Is the Better Option?

Roadside assistance and Tesla’s tire repair kit are two options for dealing with a flat tire. Roadside assistance can provide professional assistance for various issues, including flat tires, while Tesla’s tire repair kit allows owners to fix minor tire damage themselves.

Roadside assistance may be the better option for those not comfortable changing a tire or repairing it on their own or for those with more significant damage to their tire. It can also be convenient for those who frequently travel long distances.

Tesla’s tire repair kit is a good option for those comfortable with DIY repairs and with only minor tire damage. It’s also a more convenient option for those who do not want to wait for roadside assistance to arrive. Ultimately, the choice between roadside assistance and Tesla’s tire repair kit depends on personal preference, comfort level with DIY repairs, and the extent of tire damage.

Common Misconceptions about the Lack of a Tesla Spare Tire

There are a few misconceptions about the absence of a Tesla spare tire. One prevalent misunderstanding is that damaged tires on Tesla vehicles cannot be repaired. Even though run-flat tires enable users to continue driving even with a flat tire, Tesla’s tire repair kit can address minor tire damage.

Another myth is that Tesla owners must use the company’s roadside assistance program. While Tesla offers roadside support, customers can also join other roadside assistance organizations or carry a portable air compressor and tire sealant.

Finally, some think driving without a spare tire is a safety risk. However, a spare tire may not always be essential, as Tesla’s run-flat tires and tire repair kit offer a suitable solution to flat tire problems.

Safety Considerations When Using Tesla’s Tire Repair Kit for Flat Tire Emergencies

If done correctly, using Tesla’s tire repair kit for flat tire emergencies can be a safe and effective option. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

Pull over to a safe location

When experiencing a flat tire, it’s essential to pull over to a secure location away from traffic. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers.

Review the instructions

Before using Tesla’s tire repair kit, review the instructions provided by Tesla. Make sure you understand the process before attempting to repair the tire.

Only use on minor damage

Tesla’s tire repair kit is designed for minor tire damage only, such as small punctures. Do not attempt to repair the more significant damage.

Use protective gear

Wear gloves and eye protection when using the tire repair kit. This will protect your hands from sharp objects and your eyes from debris.

Have a backup plan

While Tesla’s tire repair kit can be effective, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan if the repair is unsuccessful. This could include joining a roadside assistance service or carrying a spare tire.

Tesla’s tire repair kit can be a safe and effective option for minor flat tire emergencies if used correctly and with proper safety precautions.


In conclusion, although Tesla cars do not come with spare tires, they have tire repair and inflation kits. Using a tire repair kit may be affordable and time-saving in a flat tire emergency. But it’s crucial to understand how to use the kit properly and its limitations. You can be ready for a flat tire emergency and be back on the road quickly and safely by following the instructions provided in this article.

The majority of Tesla cars do not come with spare tires. Instead, they have a tire repair kit with a compressor and a can of tire inflator.

Tesla cars are made with tires that don’t need air pressure because they are made of a strong material that can’t be punctured. This means that Tesla cars don’t have to worry much about flat tires.

Tesla has a mobile tire service that will come to you if you have a flat tire and replace it right there. If you have a flat tire on a remote road, Tesla puts a Roadside Assistance Kit in the trunk of every car. This kit has a jack, lug wrench, and inflation kit that can be used to fix a flat tire until a mobile tire service can come.

Some models, like the Model X and Model S, do come with a small “emergency” spare tire that can be used if a tire gets a hole or something else goes wrong with it.

This is because of a few things. First, electric cars are usually much lighter than gas-powered cars, which makes tire problems less likely to happen. Second, not having a gas engine and transmission frees up space in the car, making it easier to design and giving it better performance. Third, Tesla’s tire repair kit is made to be easy to use and can fix most common tire problems on the side of the road.

Yes, Tesla’s tire repair kit is a simple and effective way for drivers to fix any problems with their tires quickly and easily. To keep the tire from getting any worse, it is important to follow Tesla’s instructions on how to use the kit.

Tesla offers full support for its cars, such as mobile service, software updates over-the-air, and 24/7 roadside assistance. If your Tesla has any other problems, you can ask for help from Tesla’s customer service.

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