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Tesla Golf Cart

Golf carts resemble ancient Volkswagen Beetles. They have a frame with suspension, brakes, and running gear. The variety of body types has expanded, and anybody may be placed in that frame. Cadillac, Lincoln, and Ferrari-shaped carts are common today. Big tires, boosted suspensions, and powerful stereos are standard. Some carry six people, and fully equipped carts might cost $30,000. Introducing the Tesla Golf Cart, a groundbreaking innovation in the world of leisure and sport. Imagine cruising down the fairway in a cart that’s not just a ride, but a statement – a true blend of luxury, technology, and sustainability. 

These days, golf carts are utilized for many more purposes than merely playing the game. They are used for many purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • getting about town
  • working in the yard
  • going camping
  • working in a warehouse
  • living by the beach, and
  • a whole lot more!

What is an EV Golf Cart?

Each cart is equipped with a Toyota controller that can be programmed to handle up to 350 amps of AC driving power and a motor that puts out 5.5 horsepower and can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

People who are overweight or have difficulty getting about should utilize the golf cart. Though it’s reasonable to assume that walking 18 holes would be a good way to burn off some of the extra weight most Americans carry, golf course owners have long known that golf carts allow them to attract twice or even three times as many paying customers. As the number of golfers increased, so did the amount of money made.

People quickly started realizing, however, that such carts were perfect for speeding about campuses, especially large ones like business parks and universities. These vehicles are now more widely known as PTVs (personal transportation vehicles) rather than golf carts.

Although 30% more golf carts are being ordered annually, and manufacturers need help keeping up, only 10% of new cart sales go to golfers, according to Evans. The remaining 90% of carts are sold to individuals who want to buy an alternative to driving conventional cars on private property.

What is an EV Golf Cart

Does Tesla Make a Golf Cart?

Although 30% more golf carts are being ordered annually, and manufacturers are having trouble keeping up, only around 10% of new sales get to golfers, according to Evans. The remainder is marketed to individuals interested in purchasing an alternative to conventional automobiles for use on private land.

Tesla is excited about making electric carts for a variety of reasons.

  1. Since their automobiles are significantly safer than average, we may assume that their golf carts will also be safer than most carts today.
  2. It’s a positive step that Tesla has adopted a green mindset for its goods. When compared to conventional automobiles, theirs have a lower energy footprint.
  3. Their cart should have the same high reliability and efficiency as the rest of their products since they are so well-made.
  4. Tesla automobiles are generally less expensive than other modern vehicles, and their golf carts are expected to be less expensive than other golf carts on the market.
  5. In addition to being secure and simple to use, their cars are also very user-friendly.
  6. Fixing a Tesla is simple, and it will last a long time.

Tesla motors are said to be very powerful and energetic, using relatively little electricity.

Tesla Golf Cart Price

New Tesla golf carts may cost anywhere from

  • $9,000
  • $18,000 depending on the make and model. Generally.

you can pay between

  • $9000
  •  $14,000 for a 4-seat vehicle. Commonly, you can expect to pay $14k+ for a 6-seat vehicle.

Why are Electric Golf Carts Cheaper?

However, electric golf carts are often more affordable than their gas-powered counterparts. This is because their insides are simpler than gas models and need fewer parts to help them run.

Tesla Golf Cart Weight and Dimensions

  • Length of the wheelbase: 92.6% 
  • Length: 155.4 ″
  • Width: 72.9 ″ 
  • Height: 44.35 ″
  • Weight: 2723 pounds


  • Lithium-ion battery having 6,831 individual cells, microprocessor-controlled.

4 Seater Golf Cart Weight

The typical golf cart might weigh 800 to 1100 pounds, depending on several variables. Various factors, including the battery, may affect your golf cart’s weight.

Tesla Golf Cart Speed Limit

Only two persons at the most can ride in a golf cart at once, and the maximum speed for a golf cart is 15 miles per hour.

Tesla Golf Cart Six-Seater

Golf carts that may carry as many as six people are typically 4 feet wide, 11.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet tall. Stylish and environmentally friendly, the Tesla Golf Cart Six-Seater is a convenient way to go about the course in comfort and style. 

This electric car can go up to 60 miles on a single charge and achieve speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It has a modern design, enough for up to six people to comfortably relax, and convenient extras like cup holders and storage space. The Tesla Golf Cart Six-Seater is a great option for environmentally and fashion-conscious golfers due to its emission-free operation and low noise level.

Tesla Golf Cart Battery

It’s no secret that electric golf carts have been available for a while, but their 4 or 6 lead acid batteries only last for three years and may set you back upwards of $1,500 to repair. They also often fail when kept in cold storage throughout the winter.

The advantages of lithium batteries for all electric golf carts are becoming more apparent to the golf cart battery business. Faster charging and no maintenance are just two of these batteries’ many benefits over their lead-acid counterparts. In addition, they have a lifespan that is ten times that of lead-acid batteries.

Best Lithium Golf Cart Batteries 48v

  1. The Enduro Power LiFePO4 Lithium Battery is the best all-around option.
  2. Ampere Time LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery is the best.
  3. ExpertPower LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery has the lowest self-discharge. 
  4. The FlyPower LiFePO4 Lithium Battery is the best budget option.
  5. Ocell LIFEPO4 Battery is the best 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery.

48v Lithium Golf Cart Battery

If you have a 48-volt golf cart, how long does it take to charge completely?

Use the appropriate charger to put your golf cart’s batteries on a charger for at least 8 hours, preferably 10 hours. It is recommended to charge your cart overnight after each day’s use. You should still fully charge the golf cart batteries, even if you have used the vehicle for five minutes.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Lithium Battery Cost?

Several variables affect the price of a lithium-ion battery for a golf cart, such as the size and capacity of the battery, the brand, and the retailer. Generally, Lithium-ion batteries may cost $2,000 or more, although lead-acid batteries may only set you back $1,500.

These batteries are a popular improvement for golf carts since they last longer than lead-acid ones and need less maintenance, although they are more costly. Although this may seem like a significant price increase, remember that these batteries do not need the same level of care as lead-acid ones, which may be rather costly over time.

How Many Years do Electric Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Many variables affect how long an electric golf cart battery lasts, including how often it is used, how well it is maintained, and the quality of the battery itself. The average lifespan of a lead-acid battery is between two and five years, whereas a lithium battery may last eight years or more.

Golf cart batteries may last longer with regular maintenance, like charging and avoiding deep discharges. However, with regular maintenance, the battery packs in fleet carts may live for as long as six years, while those of individual owners can last for as long as ten years.

Furthermore, weather extremes may reduce the battery lifespan, so it’s best to keep the golf cart in a temperature-controlled space if feasible.

How Fast Does a Star EV Golf Cart Go?

Star EV and Bintelli Golf Carts can perform it at 25 MPH. They provide easy-to-charge electric powertrains that can go long on a single charge.

36V and 48V golf carts have the same peak speed (12MPH). However, there are ways to speed up your golf cart: Larger Tires, because a golf cart’s speed increases with wheel diameter.

  • Golf carts without improvements may reach 12–14 mph.

Is an Electric Golf Cart Faster Than Gas?

Electric golf carts are not noticeably quicker than their gas counterparts unless two identical models are being compared. In general, the engines of gas-powered golf carts are more powerful, enabling them to go at faster speeds than their electric counterparts. Yet, electric golf carts are preferred by both players and course managers due to their low environmental impact and silent operation.

However, other estimates say electric carts can go faster than their gas-powered counterparts. Available upgrades can increase that to 30 mph! There aren’t many ways to increase a gas cart’s top speed beyond 18–20 mph.

What is the Range of a Star EV?

  • 60 miles

These 48-volt vehicles have a maximum range of 60 miles. All devices have Advanced AC/DC motors, Curtis controls, and Trojan batteries.

Best Electric Golf Cart

  • The Club Car Next Gen HP Li-Ion. Club Car was ranked third on our list of the top golf carts of 2016.
  • You may choose between the EZGO LIBERTY ELiTE Lithium, 
  • the ICON i40L, and the 
  • ICON i40L ELiTE.
  • Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech. • EZGO Express S4 ELiTE.
  • Gasoline for the Club Car, Please.
  • Club Car Tempo.
  • STAR EV Sirius 2+2.

What is the Weight Limit on a Golf Cart?

Weigh between 800 and 1100 lbs.

Several variables affect how much a golf cart weighs. Typically, golf carts weigh between 500 and 1100 lbs.

It is normal for golf carts to accommodate four people, each weighing up to around 200 lbs. That number will go up for golf carts that can seat more people. To play it safe, make sure there aren’t more people on board than there are seats.

Depending on many variables, the typical golf cart might weigh 800 to 1100 pounds.

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