Electric Convertible Cars: How to find the best convertibles

Electric Convertible Cars

Electric convertible cars are a type of vehicle that allows you to drive with or without a roof. It has a retracted top and a sporty appearance. As a result, drivers and passengers can go in the open air. They can enjoy driving with their roof down, which makes a convertible electric car particularly appealing during the warmer months. 

Due to their small size, these automobiles typically have a small cabin and boot. It’s also important to remember that these may be called a tourer, cabriolet, or Roadster (2-seaters), depending on the automaker.  There may be few convertible alternatives, but that should change as the demand for electric cars rises.

Electric convertible cars are great for those who like to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. Let’s explore them in detail.

Advantages of Convertible EVs

Advantages of Convertible EVs

Electric convertible cars have several pros over conventional vehicles. 

    • It has a significantly stronger electric motor than a gasoline-powered car.  
    • It has all the advantages of an EV over a petrol-powered vehicle.
    • You can use a traditional power source to charge your car
    • It requires less maintenance as compared to conventional ones. 
    • In contrast to petrol-powered vehicles, they use less energy. 

    Disadvantages of Convertible EVs

    Convertible EVs have a lot going for them, but there are a few drawbacks to consider before buying one. Most notably, convertible EVs have several disadvantages:

      • Limited range: Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, convertible electric vehicles have a lower maximum range. The range of many EVs is over 200 miles on a single charge, yet more is needed for specific drivers.
      • Charging infrastructure: It is becoming easier to locate a charging station, although this is only sometimes the case. This may be a severe issue for convertible EVs, often used on longer journeys.
      • Long charging times: Compared to filling up a petrol tank, charging an electric car might take a long time. Most charging stations take several hours to completely charge an electric vehicle, while certain fast-charging stations may do so in under an hour.
      • Upfront cost: Electric convertibles may cost several thousand dollars more than their gas-powered counterparts. While the savings, in the long run, may make up for this, it may be off-putting to some consumers.
      • Limited options: There is a need for more convertible EV cars compared to conventional gas-powered convertibles. Buyers who have their hearts set on a certain kind of convertible may find themselves with fewer alternatives as a result.
      • Battery degradation: Degrading electric vehicle batteries over time may impair capacity and efficiency. Despite advances in battery technology, this still needs to be solved for some purchasers.

      Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Convertible Vehicles

      While you are purchasing a convertible car, you should consider the things which are listed below:

      1. Driving Range: Consider your daily driving needs and the availability of charging stations along your routes.
      2. Charging Time: Understand the time it takes to recharge an EV battery and ensure access to home chargers and public charging stations.
      3. Battery Life and Replacement Costs: Factor in the degradation of EV batteries over time and the potential expense of battery replacement.
      4. Maintenance Costs: Recognize that while EVs generally have lower maintenance costs, there are still expenses associated with battery and motor maintenance.
      5. Practicality: Assess the limited cargo space and small rear seats typical in convertibles compared to other vehicle types.
      6. Security: Consider the vulnerability of convertibles to theft and explore security measures such as garage parking and convertible top locks.
      7. Weather: Determine your comfort level with driving a convertible in various weather conditions, balancing the open-air experience with weather-related discomfort.
      8. Availability: Be aware that electric convertibles are still a niche market, potentially limiting the available options.
      9. Costs: Recognize that electric convertibles may have a higher upfront cost compared to gasoline-powered ones, but explore potential tax credits and incentives.

      Are There Any Electric Convertibles Available in the Market?

      Are There Any Electric Convertibles Available in the Market

      Since automakers concentrate more on All-Electric vehicles, hatchbacks, and saloons, fewer EV convertibles are now available. Additionally, buyers’ demand has shifted to larger family vehicles and hatchbacks, leading to a decline in convertible vehicle sales in recent years. 

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      Now, we will look closer at some electric convertible cars available on the market. You can choose one of these incredible electric convertibles as your next vehicle. These vehicles are:

      Tesla Roadster

      It is a convertible that was scheduled to go on sale in 2021. Though delays have prevented it from being released as planned. Now, it is going to be released in 2025. It has a detachable glass panel roof and can be stored in the trunk for a convertible design. Additionally, as the first-generation Roadster featured just two seats, the second-generation version will have four. 

      Motor SetupTBA
      Torque7,376 LB-FT (10,000 Nm)
      DrivetrainAll-Wheel Drive (AWD)
      0-100 mph4.2 seconds
      0-60 MPH1.9 seconds
      Acceleration To A Quarter Mile8.8 seconds
      Top SpeedOver 250 mph
      Range620 miles
      PriceApprox. $200,000

      Chevy Corvette

      Feed the release of the 8th generation model in recent years, it has become one of the most popular sports vehicles ever. 

      It is one of the all-time top-selling convertibles, as reported by Autocar in the spring of 2022. Furthermore, the convertible version of the 2022 Corvette received almost 50% of all exchangeable orders. 

      Assembly Location GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant, Kentucky, USA
      Body StyleCoupe, Convertible
      Layout Mid-Engined, Longitudinal
      Engine5.5L LT6 V8
      Transmission 8-Speed Dual-Clutch
      Drive Wheels Rear-Wheel-Drive
      Availability U.S.A., Canada, Mexico
      Predecessor 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
      Successor 2024 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
      Speed0-188 MPH
      Price$114,395 to $132,845

      Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

      It is a convertible which best suits your needs. The exterior of this two-door cabriolet is built with traditional materials and features slender, aerodynamic lines for our traditional yet modern look. 

       You may experience the exhilaration of open-air driving with this special edition convertible EV, or you can remove the top and have a fantastic ride in any weather. It handles like a coupe and accelerates at a breakneck pace, making it as quick as luxurious. 

      Assembly Location Crewe, England, United Kingdom (Bentley Crewe)
      Body Style2-door cabriolet
      Layout Dual-motor, four-wheel drive
      RelatedBentley Bentayga, Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6
      Electric motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
      TransmissionSingle-speed automatic
      Electric range 472 to 489 km (293 to 304 mi)
      Plug-in chargingPlug in/inductive charging
      Speed472 to 489 km (293 to 304 mi)

      Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet

      This vehicle is the best example of extravagant style and sophistication that comes to mind when we think about convertibles. In size, it falls between the S-class and C-class, both larger. 

      Due to its smooth ride and roomy interior, this convertible receives high buyer remarks. You can lower the fabric roof at less than 30 mph. At most, the time required to slide the top down is 20 seconds.

      Engine Type Mild hybrid
      Transmission 9-speed shiftable automatic
      Drive Type Rear wheel drive
      Basic Warranty 4 yr./ 50,000 mi.
      Horsepower 362 hp @ 5,500 rpm
      Torque 369 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm
      Fuel tank capacity 17.4 gal.
      Range382.8/504.6 mi.
      PriceFrom $76,900

      GMC Hummer EV Pickup

      GMC advanced their features for Hummer EV by creating a car with independent cable roof panels, similar to a jeep. The result is the fantastic fusion of modernity, strength, and class. 

      This convertible has a truck bed and a compartment called the ‘funk’ where the roof panels are kept. Although it mimics the bulky older Hummer, GMC claims it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. 

      Production November 2021 – present
      Body style4-door pickup truck
      5-door SUV
      LayoutDual-motors, rear-wheel drive (Hummer EV2)
      Dual- or tri-motors, all-wheel drive (Hummer EV2X and EV3X)
      RelatedChevrolet Silverado EV
      Cadillac Escalade IQ
      Power output EV3X: 830 or 1,000 hp
      EV2 and EV2X: 625 hp
      Edition 1: 1,000 hp (746 kW; 1,014 PS) (some figures are pre-production manufacturer estimates)
      Plug-in charging350 kW, 800 V
      Range298–381 mi (480–613 km)
      PriceFrom $96,550

      MG Cyberster

      The British automaker MG launched its Cyberster towards the end of 2021, arguably the best-selling convertible electric vehicle. MG is well-known for producing affordable sports vehicles and elevating designs.

      It has a range of roughly 500 miles, but you should not anticipate it to be faster than the Roadster. However, the creation of the vehicle is what draws the most attention. A steering vehicle joystick and three monitors set up as our display is among MG’s gaming-inspired interior features added to this convertible.

      Production 2023–present
      Body style2-door convertible
      LayoutRear-motor, rear-wheel drive
      Dual-motor, all-wheel-drive
      Electric motor4 liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motor
      Kerb weight1,850–1,984 kg (4,079–4,374 lb)
      Battery64 kWh (RWD)
      77 kWh (AWD)
      Power output 230 kW (308 hp; 313 PS) (RWD)
      400 kW (536 hp; 544 PS) (AWD)
      Range323 mi (520 km) (CLTC, RWD)
      360 mi (580 km) (CLTC, AWD)
      Price45,100 – 50,700 USD

      Fiat New Electric 500 Convertible

      It will be interesting to see how well it performs in the emerging and fast-growing market for convertible EVs. It is an awful addition to the Fiat lineup of vehicles. Italian design and driving combine flawlessly in this EV. It’s a compact, all-electric vehicle with a backup for extended trips and is ideal for city commuting.

      It is also quite functional and offers quick charging options, a roomy interior, and a large boot. It has a range of 185 miles (298 kilometers) once it is started, and with the help of regenerative braking, it can go 267 miles (430 kilometers) on an electric motor alone.

      Production February 2020 – present
      Body style3-door hatchback
      3-door cabriolet
      4-door hatchback
      RelatedAlfa Romeo MiTo
      Electric motorGKN Automotive G400 IPMS interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor
      Kerb weight1,255–1,405 kg (2,767–3,097 lb)
      24 kWh lithium-ion
      42 kWh lithium-ion
      Power output 70 kW (95 PS; 94 hp) (24 kWh battery)
      87 kW (118 PS; 117 hp) (42 kWh battery)[4]
      114 kW (155 PS; 153 hp) (Abarth)
      Range185 km (115 mi) WLTP (24 kWh)
      320 km (199 mi) WLTP (42 kWh)
      Price$34,095 to $37,595

      Why Are Electric Convertible Cars Rare in The Market?

      Why Are Electric Convertible Cars Rare in The Market

      There are several reasons why electric convertible vehicles (EVs) are currently rare in the market:

      1. Safety Purposes: Current electric convertibles lack the primary milestone of safety. Electric car batteries are heavier, and such a massive battery in a convertible vehicle with a soft sheet roof or no roof poses a severe threat to its passengers in rollover accidents.

      A heavy battery increases the possibility of this soft top being crushed in a rollover accident, which causes a problem in a convertible electric vehicle. 

      2. Lower Demand: The lower demand may contribute to the lack of convertible EVs on the market. In general, the popularity of convertible vehicles has declined over the last ten years, and stats show it is becoming less common than ever.

      The convertible car market is smaller and more specialized than the mainstream auto industry. The demand for electric convertibles may be more potent than first anticipated. 

      3. Cost: The expense of electric powertrain technology and batteries often makes convertible EVs more costly than conventional gas-powered convertibles. Although this is the case, they are still out of reach for the typical customer

      4. Technical challenges: EVs may need help to overcome technical obstacles associated with convertible roofs since they need more energy to function. The range of the car, which is already restricted with EVs, may be affected. That’s why carmakers could be cautious about putting resources into creating convertible EVs.

      5. Battery technology limitations: Because of their weight and size, electric vehicle batteries may need to be able to integrate into a convertible design without compromising performance or range. Yet, this may become less of a problem with convertible EVs as battery technology advances.

      Which is the Cheapest Convertible Car?

      Which is the Cheapest Convertible Car

      The market’s least expensive electric convertible varies widely by region and year. Yet, the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio is an example of a convertible electric vehicle that is relatively inexpensive. It has a retractable soft top and can be purchased for roughly $28,000.

      The Fiat 500e Cabrio and the Mini Cooper SE Convertible are two other economic convertible electric vehicle possibilities with MSRPs of $34,095 and $37595, respectively. The purchase price of an electric vehicle is attractive. Still, it’s also necessary to consider the cost of a home charging station and the expense of replacing the battery down the road.


      In this article, you have seen convertible electric cars available in the market along with their specifications. Every vehicle has its pros and cons, and convertibles are no exception. These also have advantages and disadvantages, and you should consider them before purchasing them. 

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